Permanent & Short-term Stays

Permanent & short-term care are provided for residents that wish to stay overnight for a period of time.

Permanent placements are the main service offered. Permanent residents are individuals who have chosen to join and live at our home on a ‘full time’ basis.

Permanent residents receive the highest levels of care in a friendly, family setting – including their own room, 24-hour person-centred care, freedom to join in our daily activities, laundry service and full meals. We always encourage our permanent residents to join us on a month’s trial period first, to ensure they feel that our home is right for them.

Respite or convalescence care is offered to those who wish to stay with us for a few days or weeks, but intend to return to their own home afterwards.

Respite is often taken up so that a family member that provides the day-to-day care can take a well-earned holiday without having to worry about the person they are caring for, or because a loved one needs some time to recover (e.g. after a fall). It is also popular amongst those looking to make a move into permanent residential care, but are nervous about the transition.

Respite residents receive exactly the same high levels of care, support and service as our permanent residents.

Individuals interested in joining us are encouraged to contact us and arrange a visit to sample our friendly, relaxed atmosphere and the high levels of care we provide.

For those looking for a few hours a day or a few days a week of support without wishing to stay overnight, please see our Day Care section.