D-day sing-a-long and Reminiscing

To celebrate D-day, we organised a lovely party, had a sing-a-long and reminisced together.

Residents and staff all joined in and sang classic songs like "You are my sunshine", "We’ll meet again" and "Don’t sit under the apple tree". Our staff and residents also shared stories from the war. One of our residents remarked how he had been involved in helping the children onto the buses to take them to safety and others about how they had been involved in the evacuations. We all reflected on how things were so different back then, with rationing, gas masks and the many Allied soldiers visiting.

"It was a wonderful D-day celebration with a lovely sing song, party and a gorgeous cake" said one resident. "I really got involved and into the spirit of the D-day celebrations" said one of our carers.

"It was such an important time for our residents, it is lovely to reminisce with them and pay them the respect they deserve – and everyone had a great day" said Clare our Registered manager.

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