Welcome To The Homestead

Choosing to leave your own home is always a big decision. We believe that should you choose to do so you deserve to be welcomed into a warm, friendly, supportive environment: A place where your individuality and independence is emphasised, with staff that have time to tend to the small details; A place where you can enjoy the company of like-minded, fellow residents and partake in a range of activities and new experiences.

With a strong local reputation, The Homestead has proudly specialised in professional care for the elderly for over 20 years. And as a smaller home, we treat all our residents as individuals. Our staff are highly trained and we draw on our deep experience to provide you with as much care and support as you wish. We actively encourage you to retain close links with your friends and family and offer a range of services to support this. Of paramount importance to us is, and always will be, your happiness, dignity, safety, quality of life and independence – in a place you can consider ‘your home’.